Shine Cottage is an online comforting home you can visit anytime and take away what you need at that very moment.


Place to Visit:

  • The shop
  • The inspiration well
  • The whole living room
  • The business hub
  • The studio
  • The secret room

Whether it’s some visual inspiration, an artist/writer interview, some creative business tips or a chill out playlist in the background whilst you work….

….Shine Cottage is where I’m growing and building all of the above and more! Please feel free to bookmark it, like a virtual sat nav.

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About the Creator

Hi I’m Zoë 🙂 I’m an artist, writer, coach and business owner living in Lancashire, UK with my husband and two little girls.

I’m also especially passionate about helping women who are a little lost, find their way again. I strongly believe we can create the life we desire. And we get there even faster with someone helping.

I hope you find this virtual home a useful, calm and gentle place to be, that inspires you to follow your dream.

Thank YOU for being here