Choose Joy Uplifting Bright Art Print

Choose Joy Uplifting Bright Art Print

Newly added to the Shine Cottage shop, this bright and cheery joyful ‘choose joy’ print.

This uses one of my abstract backgrounds so features interesting marks and different shades of yellow and red.


It suits a light or dark frame. Like my other current prints, it’s available in size 8 x 10 inches.

I created this print because no matter what’s happening around us, choosing joy is a great reminder to find the happiness and positive whenever and wherever we can.

Buy here from the shop.

Dreams to Life Daily Sheet Printable Planner Page

Dreams to Life Daily Sheet Printable Planner Page

I really love printables and I’m always making my own.

Especially now I’ve also spent a long time learning Photoshop, so I’m able to make even more now and they’re getting better and better.

I have what I call my daily sheet, where I have my top 3 priorities planned out, along with ‘if I have time’, an hourly schedule of when I’m going to do stuff and where I need to be, a place for notes/remember for sudden brain waves to transfer to my other pages, and a wellbeing section for food/self care and gratitude/good things.

I decided to set up a printables section in my Etsy shop and will be adding lots more including eventually my entire planning system to keep things simple of organised!

Here’s my daily sheet which is currently available on Etsy to buy. I called it a Dreams to Life Daily Sheet, because when you focus on what will bring your dreams to life, as opposed to all the other ‘daily stuff’ – that’s where the real magic happens and dreams do start to come to life.

I can’t function properly with planning on a computer. I must have paper and a pen. What about you, do you like to plan on paper or digitally?

daily printable planner organizer sheet

Is Social Media Killing Your Creativity?

Is Social Media Killing Your Creativity?

Arrrrgh social media, love it or hate it, can we live without it anymore these days?

There are so many positives and negatives to it.

It helps keep us in touch with people far away, it’s a great way of meeting new people, networking, helping and supporting others (e.g. finding missing people, raising money for charities etc), sharing our ideas, thoughts and generating more business.

It’s can also be a complete time suck if we’re not careful, we can get drawn into seeing and believing incomplete versions of reality, and it can actually cause a great deal of depression for many people.

But what about your creativity?


One thing we need to be wary of as creative people is the way our creativity can be massively impacted by social media.

We can get bombarded in every direction with ‘stuff’.

Sometimes I feel like I’m mentally ducking and diving to get to somewhere I need to be online.

There’s notifications here, sponsored posts there, recommended for yous, trending news and pop ups to catch our eyes and attention (oh and there’s a new email).

Technology in general has made it really hard for us to focus.

bombardment from social media

It’s designed to be addictive. And to make you stay as long as possible. Terrifying but true.

When our focus is so distracted, being present in the moment and deep creating can be incredibly difficult. This distraction can take away our ability to achieve great things.


Half Here, Half There

Have you ever felt like half of your mind is here in the present moment, and the other half lives online?

The reason why social media is so addictive is to do with the way that our brains work. Whenever we get a ‘notification’ our brains fire dopamine, which is a reward chemical.

And the social media platform designers use this human function to keep us all hooked on getting our little ‘hits’ of dopamine again and again and again.



Your Time is Yours

What you do with your time impacts the rest of your life, and has got you right up to where you are now.

The amount of time that is just wasted online by people who could be achieving huge, amazing things is staggering.

There are thousands of talented writers, artists, makers, who are sucked into Facebook every night, who don’t make their art or write anymore because they spend so long scrolling their internet feeds instead.

That half an hour they had available – gone in a flash, not even aware of where the time just went.


And they come away from the screen just feeling more empty.

I’ve done the pointless, endless scrolling through Facebook myself a few times in the past, and I’ve wondered sometimes why do we even do this? Why are we pointlessly looking??

We’re looking for something. But we don’t know what. Just, something. Something to make us go ‘ooh’? – That dopamine hit.

Well you know what – screw that.

You can get that ‘ooh’ feeling in other ways that benefit you. In ways that light you up. That are productive and meaningful to you.


There is another way.

Your most valuable, precious resource is your time.

You only have so much of it. Time is something that is limited to us all.

There’s endless money and material things. But time – time is running out for us all. And I’m not saying that to be morbid, but to wake you up to realise that it is so very precious.

You will never have this very same day again.

We only have so many days.

So to spend it scrolling on social media, looking for some… thing, when you realise how limited our time really is, feels such a waste.

I’m urging you to focus on spending your minutes and hours wisely.


Here’s how to achieve more of what really matters:


1. Plan Your Week

Yes, yes, you’ve heard that one a million times. But it works if you do it properly and with what matters most to you front and centre!

At the beginning of each week, decide what you’d like to have finished/done by the end of it. This gives you direction and guidance so your life isn’t passing you by. This doesn’t have to be work related by any means.

Perhaps you’d like to make sure you get in a good walk, half an hour of yoga, see friends, write 3 pages of that book, etc. If it’s all planned in it’s far more likely to happen. If nothing is planned, social media becomes ever more tempting to pass the time.

2. Use Block Time

On a scheduler of your choice, block out time each week (I use a highlighter on a paper planner) when you will get your most important tasks done, without any distractions.


I ensure I have at least 5 hours blocked out over the week for my most important stuff. With daily work  and tasks, children and home life – it’s easy to skip the stuff that truly gets you where you want to be.

Having time blocked out, you know you will get what matters most to you done. This means you can spend time on social media, but it’s not at a cost to your important work.


3. Turn Off Your Notifications

This goes for all push notifications on your phone (you can catch up when you next go into the app/website), and on Facebook you can manage your notification settings.

If you don’t need to be notified – un-notify yourself. Eg. when someone posts in a certain group you’re in etc. that little red world symbol pops up. With Facebook the amount of notifications you can receive at any one time is crazy. I don’t need to know !

is social media killing your creativity

Notice how they use red too – red to make you click it. It’s all designed for maximum use and addiction. Be mindful of this.

4. Unfollow People and Things

If you’re anything like me, I have so many posts pop up that I’m just no longer interested in or can’t even remember following in the first place. Hit the unfollow button, and stop them coming up again.

This applies to people too. If someone doesn’t make you feel good for whatever reason when their posts pop up – unfollow. (With Facebook you can still stay friends and they won’t know you’ve unfollowed).

5. Limit and Set An Alarm For Social Media Time

You decide yourself how long you’re going to spend on social media. However long you decide on (eg. 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc), set yourself a timer on your computer or your phone.


Time can disappear when you’re absorbed in ‘the scroll’, so when that timer goes off – switch off and have done with it until you consciously decide you will next visit it.

6. Live more in the now

It makes me so sad when I stand waiting to collect my daughter from school and all around me I see parents with heads in the phones. I get that sometimes you need to check the internet for work or important messages. But so often?

Next time you find yourself aimlessly checking your phone, stop, look up to the sky and imagine how far that sky goes. Look around you and notice what’s surrounding you. Listen to the sounds. Pause and just be for a little while. Then check in and ask yourself are you going to your phone for a reason or out of habit? And if it’s out of habit – practice being more present instead offline.


Keep what truly matters to you most in your life front and centre. What do you love to do? Who with? What’s your dream? Focus on those things and hopefully you’ll have far more creativity and be more productive than ever before.

Remember your time is yours. So go and do the things that matter most with it!!! 🙂