Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite planners, the Desire Map Planner by Danielle La Porte.

I’ve already got the 2018 weekly version ready to go for next year. It’s got a gorgeous pink design on the front and gold ring bound spine.

Desire Map Planner 2018 Pink

Shiny 2018 weekly limited edition

There’s also a daily version and a weekly Desire Map Planner, and they come in plain black and gold or coloured limited edition with artwork by artist Marta Spendowska – her work is absolutely beautiful.

For 2017 I currently have the plain black and gold version, mainly because when I came to order the coloured limited edition they’d sold out completely so I had to get black and gold.

In 2016 I had the daily version and in 2015 there was only one version (this was my favourite actually because it was very compact, smaller and solid, all black and a bit like a sacred book).


Looking a little worn, the first Desire Map Planner

Danielle LaPorte completely changed the design and layout for 2016 which I was a bit sad about! But I can see why more people like the newer versions)

The Philosophy Behind The Desire Map

“Feeling good is the primary intention” – Choose how you want to feel, and then do the things that make you feel that way.

Sounds so simple?

It is, mostly simple. But for me this was/is sometimes still quite difficult to get my head around! So I want to feel calm – then what do I need to do to feel calm? (When you’re far from feeling calm).

It’s really good to fill in the “what I will do to feel the way I want to feel” section and realise this is what I need to do! (e.g for more calm or whatever feeling you choose). Powerful!

The Daily Version

The daily version didn’t/doesn’t work for how my brain works. I like a top down view of the whole week and I felt like I was missing something important by not being able to see the whole week at once.

desire map planner tabs

Tabbed corners to tear off with words on each page

It’s a lovely idea though to fill it in each day with the daily Desire Map Planner, but for me there is also the added pressure of missing a few days, and then you’re left with blank pages and feel like you’ve abandoned the planner.

Whereas if I miss a few days of the weekly, I will soon fill the gaps in with a few notes to myself and it feels far less of a failure.

The Weekly Version

I’ve opted for the weekly version the past two years as I like an over view of the week, and on the following weekly page you always get a blank notes page and a journalling page with prompts.

desire map planner week view

Weekly layout

desire map planner goal pages

Goals page at the front

Desire map planner 2018 pocket

Back pocket

To be honest I don’t tend to bother with the prompts very often as I prefer to write my own thing. The ‘stop doing’, ‘want to change’ and ‘gratitude’ often get filled in. I find the stop doing and want to change a little negative though and would rather the wording was different. I’m all about focusing on the positive.

“I want to be more” or “I wish for” etc could be used instead perhaps.

With the daily planner there’s a monthly review after each month but for some reason they don’t do this with the weekly version which is disappointing as I used to like the monthly reviews in the daily versions I’ve had.

Pros of the Desire Map Planner

  • They’re well made, robust and can handle getting bashed around in a handbag for months.
  • The spines are secure.
  • There are tabs on each page that you tear off so you can easily find which page you’re on.
  • There’s a pocket in the back for bits of paper, and elastic cord for keeping the whole planner shut.
  • Finding each month is easy with the way they’re cut out.
  • The pages are thick and I can even draw on them in felt pen and it doesn’t show through. (Permanent marker pen probably would though).
  • At the bottom of every page are ‘truth bombs’ and inspiring affirmations.
  • The ‘3’ things list makes you think of what’s important for the week (and in the daily you fill this in every day!)
  • Both have monthly calendars.

Cons of the Desire Map Planner

  • They are quite pricey for a planner and even more expensive with shipping to buy if you’re outside of the US – But in some countries you can buy from Amazon here (e.g in the UK where I got mine) and avoid the shipping costs too!
  • Unless you appreciate the philosophy of The Desire Map itself you probably wouldn’t find it useful. E.g. How do you want to feel? What will you do to feel this way? And writing that down every day/week depending on which version you choose.
  • It’s an alternative way of thinking for sure that doesn’t work for everybody.

Choose between black and gold or limited edition

My favourites have always been the colour limited edition versions versus the black and gold. The black and gold Desire Map Planner does look very classic though so I can see why many people opt for this version.

As I mentioned earlier, I ended up with black and gold for 2017 because the limited edition version was sold out everywhere I looked. I still love it though.


2017 weekly black and gold


I found it a really hard choice between the weekly and daily Desire Map planner layouts because I’d like to be able to fill it in every day, but I know I wouldn’t. The weekly layout is a best of both worlds for me. I get a weekly layout, plenty of space for each day, the desire map bit, journalling prompts each week and a blank page each week.

The only thing the weekly is really missing is the monthly reviews you get with the daily version. (Please add this into the weekly version too!)

There’s something about these planners, they’re not the perfect layout and there are things I’d change about them, but they draw me in each and every year and I like the way they keep you in touch with your true self and your desires, as opposed to a more traditional planner.

Buy direct from Danielle LaPorte in the US for $34.00

Buy from Amazon UK for £28.04

What about you? Have you tried the Desire Map Planner out and are you a fan?

Z x

(I have used affiliate links because I use these planners myself and may receive a small commission if you decide to buy a planner for yourself at no extra cost to you).