“Believe you can and you're halfway there”

- Theodore Roosevelt


What is Shine Coaching?

We all deserve to shine and live our best lives right now. 

It's an absolute honour to work with you in beginning to bring your dreams and wishes to life.

I've worked with clients on a variety of different areas including:

  • Feeling stuck, lost, unsure

  • Clarity, planning, defining goals

  • Accountability

  • Starting and growing businesses

  • Creativity and creative freedom

  • Self care

  • Healthy lifestyles and wellness

"Working with Zoë was an absolute pleasure. She is extremely organised and very hard working. You can also rely on her to get the job done in the deadlines set and to the highest of standards.

Zoë's friendly and approachable nature ensures she gets on well with anyone she comes into contact with and I found she was very trustworthy.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoë and hope we get the chance to work together in the future."

Katie Haydock, UK

Why Me?


After gaining my science degree and climbing the corporate career ladder during my mid-20s, I thought that's what life was all about, I was on 'the right path'.

I eventually realised that I really wasn't. I was managing 16 people, overseeing a large department and earning good money... but I was nothing but miserable, depressed and dreading going to work.

I was also really unhealthy, not treating myself very well, and it felt like I was on a downward spiral. 

Breaking Free

Eventually, I woke up and realised it was time to follow what I'd always longed to do. I wanted to make my art, make a difference and help people. Especially those who felt stuck just like I'd been, and didn't know a way out or who had big dreams and needed support bringing them into reality. 

I finally broke free and next began working in rehabilitation and caring for people, freelance writing for a copywriting company, selling artwork, and volunteering on an NHS mental health helpline.

Sure I'd taken a big pay cut, but I learned money isn't everything and I was happier and it felt great to do something positive. I got to help people, and I got to make my art, and ultimately follow what I really wanted.

Always learning

I turned my health around, took many courses and read many (many) books on personal development, health and wellness and creativity. I'm still always learning and taking courses. I love expanding my skills and knowledge. 

Now in my mid-30s I'm also a wife and mother to two lovely little girls, living in Lancashire UK. I have many interests and hobbies and especially love to create, write, garden and travel. Seeing new sights, sounds and meeting new people fills me with joy.  

"I have found Zoe to have a genuine interest in her customers, their needs and the solutions she can provide. She has been interested in all aspects of a customer's business to ensure the best possible outcome, is really personable, a pleasant yet professional individual, and a person I would recommend be consulted. Genuine and trustworthy."

Julio Lo, UK

So what dream are you chasing?

I've coached people from all different backgrounds in different situations, but ultimately everyone is chasing the thing that lights them up and makes them happy. Life is too short to be miserable when you can do something about it.

You have more power than you realise.

Sometimes you just need that extra bit of support and encouragement; someone to believe in you; cheer you on; truly listen; help you gain new insights and put together a plan.

And then hold you accountable to actually start implementing it!! 

Are you ready?

It's your time.

Let's begin 

To set up a session, please choose below if you would like a single session or a block of four.

Most of my clients will achieve the most and gain significant momentum from a block of regular sessions. Some prefer an ad hoc session when they need a boost. The choice is yours. 

Upon receipt of payment, you’ll receive an email and welcome brochure including some pre-session questions for you to complete and send to me in advance of each session. As every situation is unique, this ensures our time is most productive. I want to really help you succeed! 

We'll next align calendars for a perfect day and time. Currently all coaching sessions are carried out over Skype and are 50 minutes in length.