Helloo how has your week gone so far? I can’t believe we’re already over a week into February! We had snow this week. It looked very pretty.


Also this week there’s been a few changes at Shine Cottage that I’m really excited about. I wasn’t quite feeling the ‘rooms’ that I had going on, and I felt that it was too much of a mish mash of topics and confuse my dear readers.

After some working out exactly what the point of this all is, and why I’m doing it, I now present a more concise group of rooms speaking to the creative dreamers and doers I’m talking to.

Yes you 🙂

I sat down last night and came up with an initial list of 100 blog post titles off the top of my head I want to teach. (I was quite surprised how fast these came out!)

With these in mind, the rooms I’ve now come up with and can’t wait to add more content and resources to are as follows:

  • Creative studio
  • Creative business hub
  • Whole living room
  • In the garden
  • The shop
  • The secret room

I hope the coming content will inspire you, help you fly and launch your dream, live more whole and fully and keep you creative well filled up, so you can do more of what truly matters – which is what it’s all about right?