One of my favourite ways to paint is with no idea what’s going to happen.

Yesterday I sat down and decided to do a few minutes practicing with my water colours.

Well before I knew it a good hour had passed. What started out as red/orange/pinky streaks suddenly looked like hair, and so I decided to add a face.

And before I knew it this girl had appeared in front of me. I was quite surprised at who she was or where she’d come from!

rainbow hair girl

But I’m really liking her.

I’ve never been one for painting characters but I think I’ve started something now.

I’ll be adding a background to her and some words and this could end up in my shop very soon if I like the result!

And so this got me thinking. Sometimes you have to just start. You might not know what you’re going to paint and maybe nothing will come out of it.

But just showing up and doing a little is so important – it is for me and I’m sure it is for you too.

Have a great Friday whatever you’re up to!

Zoë x