Shine with Zoë

Creative Business Coaching and Support
  • Are you a creative dreamer? Would you LOVE to leave your day job and pursue your dream/passion full time?
  • Perhaps your job makes you miserable (believe me I’ve been there), and you wish you could get out and do something completely different?
  • Or maybe you don’t know what you want exactly but you know it’s not what you have right now and you’re trying to figure it out?
  • Or perhaps you do already have a creative business but you need some help taking it where you want it to go?

Whichever of these scenarios you’re in, I can help.

Why Me?

I help and support women to get to where they really want to be in their lives.

Not only do I run two businesses (I’m a company director of a software business and have my own creative business), I’m a busy mum with two little girls.

I’ve invested a lot in my own personal development, including numerous courses and accumulated a wealth of business knowledge and life experience in what really matters.

I love to coach women to achieve more of what they want in their life (especially creative businesses) and help them create more freedom and be able to do what truly lights them up.

Don’t struggle or stay stuck where you are anymore.

I have a very limited amount of coaching spots available. Complete the form below including what you’d like help with and what’s going on right now.

I’ll get back to you with more information on how we can get started getting you where you want to be.

It’s your time to shine.